Meet Nanna


Greetings Friends, I am Nanna.  I am a Wife, Mother, Nanna and love making soaps/bath products.  I first started making homemade soaps for myself because of my skin issues.  I then introduced my family and friends to my products.  After a while it turned in a production. A small production, I enjoy making my creations.  I was in petroleum industry for over 30 years and retired 2016.

I enjoy life and love what I do.  I serve the Lord and my family is most important to me

My family and friend told me I should start to market my products.  I thought it was crazy but being retired I had a lot of time on my hands.  I started small with just family and friends.

Now, I am selling my products at a local farm market held once a month in my hometown.  

I make my soaps, lotions, bath bombs, shower fizzy, sugar scrubs, bath salts, shaving bars, shampoo bars in small batches.  I feel working with small batches keeps products fresh. When I see inventory is getting low, I just make a new batch.  

Working with small batches has more benefits, I can also make custom orders for individuals who want something extra special.  I find excitement in creating special orders for showers and/or parties.

Life is good!