Welcome to Nanna's Creations, LLC! I make all my products in small batches using good-for-you ingredients. Browse my collection of soaps, bath bombs, lotions and shower fizzies, or if you're looking for a favorite scent, contact me about a custom order.



Luxurious Scents & Colors

Soaps and bath products are things I love to use. My idea is if my family love them others will too. They are fun, colorful and the scents are wonderful. Weather you want to relax with lavender or you need a little boost with peppermint essential oils in your bath product. You will find something that works for you. There a lot of fragrance oil that are fun and wonderful.

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Quality Ingredients

Quality ingredients are important to make quality products. My oils, butters and essential and fragrance oils are supplied by Suppliers with high standards in quality.

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Why Make Soap?

Why on earth would anyone go to all that trouble to making something your can buy at the store? One way to answer this question is to imagine using a wonderful handmade soap created for you needs and wants. When using homemade soap you can control exactly what you and your family use to bathe.

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